literal thoughts

Testing vim syntax files

Yesterday, Andy Lester opened an issue for vim-perl on github about adding an automated test suite. I’ve thought about doing something like this before, so last night got busy with prototyping a test harness.

More docs added

I’ve added Jonathan Scott Duff’s introduction to Perl 6 regexes to Perl6-Doc as perlreintro. In addition I put in a first draft of a perlobjintro. Neither of these correspond to names from the set of Perl 5 man pages, which is fitting since they are not directly based on them. So, Perl6-Doc now has 4 man pages, the aforementioned two as well as perlintro and perlsyn. I’ll be carefully adding to and polishing these in the near future. I’m hesitant to start on man pages relating to modules, IO, laziness/iterators, and other very important features, as the specs (and implementation) for those are still shifting heavily from month to month.

Tagging, FAIL, regexes

I’m currently working on making grok index all X<> (and maybe C<>) tags in Pod documents. The user will then be able to look them up and see which docs contain the search term in question.

Grok refactor

As the title suggests, I reorganized the grok a bit, in addition to adding a few new features.

On to the man pages

This week I’ve been working on the perlintro document found in the pugs repository, as well as porting Perl 5’s perlsyn. These are the most “basic” man pages about the language, and should be ported first (especially since many of the more specific bits in Perl 6 are still in flux).

Lucky 0.13

I just uploaded grok 0.13 to PAUSE. It has the things I mentioned in my last post, plus some bug fixes.

grok can look up quite a few things now (527 including documents such as Synopses), but many of the answers it provides lack thoroughness. According to my project schedule, it’s time to start writing new documentation. That means I can focus on making these answers better.

Half way there

With Summer of Code’s mid-term evaluations coming up, some interesting things are about to happen to grok. I was contacted by Herbert Breunung, author of Perl6::Doc (formerly Perl6::Bible), which is a project that shares some of grok’s goals.

grok 0.09 is out

The code is starting to take a more stable form. I’ve prepended an underscore to all private/internal subroutines and documented the rest. Perl authors wishing to use grok’s functionality will now have an easier time doing so.

grok update

Some things have kept me very busy lately and I’m a bit behind on my GSoC schedule. I’m starting to catch up now, though.