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First GSoC post

I officially started on my Google Summer of Code project (project details here) last weekend.

I’ve been tasked with writing a perldoc equivalent for Perl 6. I’ve decided to write it in Perl 5 for now, since it’s already got Perl6::Perldoc, which is a fast and feature-complete parser for the Perl 6 version of Pod (see specification), as well as lots of other useful CPAN modules which I won’t have to rewrite in Perl 6 (yet).

The program will be called grok (repository). So far it’s just a barebones command-line reader for Pod 6, but I did create an ANSI-colored terminal renderer for Perl6::Perldoc. It might be too colorful for some people’s taste currently, so maybe I’ll tone it down a little. I think Ruby’s ri documentation reader is the only such tool which colors the output, and I thought it was a nice enough feature (one of many!) to copy. I’ve also been looking at pydoc and javadoc in search of interesting features to implement.

The plan is to make it more modern and extensive than perldoc. One interesting thing I might end up doing is making use of STD (the standard Perl 6 grammar) to parse arbitrary syntax, so you could do stuff like grok '[*]' and the program would tease the expression apart and show you documentation for both the [] and the * operators.

Some portion of the project also includes writing new documentation for Perl 6. I haven’t written any yet, but I bet it will be fun. Before doing so, we first have to figure out how to organize the the docs. Since Perl 6 is a specification, it’s not as obvious as with Perl 5, where the docs are included (sometimes inline) with the implementation.

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