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grok 0.09 is out

The code is starting to take a more stable form. I’ve prepended an underscore to all private/internal subroutines and documented the rest. Perl authors wishing to use grok’s functionality will now have an easier time doing so.

I’ve also added various author tests to the distribution to help keep the code in shape (or at least remind me when it’s not), notably Test::Pod, Test::Pod::Coverage, and Test::Perl::Critic.

Since my last blog post, grok has gained a few features. It can print the name of the target file (like perldoc -l), print an index of known documentation files, output xhtml, and detect whether the target file has Pod 5 or Pod 6 in it. It’s also got some Win32 fixes and more informative error messages.

Pretty soon I will start bringing in some more docs to bundle with it. Tutorials and such. I will also most likely implement function documentation lookup (like perldoc -f) in grok.

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