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grok update

Some things have kept me very busy lately and I’m a bit behind on my GSoC schedule. I’m starting to catch up now, though.

First of all, as of version 0.05, you can now easily install grok from the command line on most operating systems like so:

$ cpanp -i App::Grok

It can handle Pod 5 files now (via Pod::Text) as well (which most of the Perl 6 Synopses are written in). The ANSI-colored output looks a bit different than the Pod 6 output because Pod::Text is very conservative in its use of colors. I’ll probably make them more similar later to keep it consistent.

When called interactively, grok now uses your system’s pager to view the output by default.

It will now treat an argument as a Pod 6 file to read if said argument doesn’t match a known documentation target. As for the targets, the only known ones so far are the synopses (which are bundled with grok for now), so you can do things like:

$ grok s02
$ grok s32-rules
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