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Half way there

With Summer of Code’s mid-term evaluations coming up, some interesting things are about to happen to grok. I was contacted by Herbert Breunung, author of Perl6::Doc (formerly Perl6::Bible), which is a project that shares some of grok’s goals.

He told me that he doesn’t have enough time to maintain his project anymore and would like some sort of merge to happen. I said I’d look into it. His project bundles all the Synopses, Apocalypses, Exegeses, and some other Perl 6 documentation, and ships with a perldoc wrapper for reading them. What I would like to do is to move all documentation out of the grok distribution and update/add more to Perl6::Doc while eliminating the perldoc wrapper (in favor of grok).

He also brought to my attention the Perl Table Index, a sort of Perl 6 glossary. Ahmad Zawawi has just patched his Padre::Plugin::Perl6 to feed this index to grok. I will probably port the Perl Table Index to the Perl6::Doc distribution and make grok look things up in it.

I’ve started writing a Pod::Text subclass as well as amending Perl6::Perldoc::To::Ansi to conform to a consistent color scheme when using the default ANSI-colored output.

Something which grok should eventually be able to do is recognize arbitrary Perl 6 syntax (at very fine level of granularity, that is) and tell you what it means. A first stab at this will be to simply include a table of some common ones and look those up. Stuff like my, +, and so on. Doing this reliably is the original inspiration for the u4x project (Userdocs for Christmas), of which grok is a part.

I hope to make a release of grok and Perl6::Doc shortly which will include all of the above.

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