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Lucky 0.13

I just uploaded grok 0.13 to PAUSE. It has the things I mentioned in my last post, plus some bug fixes.

grok can look up quite a few things now (527 including documents such as Synopses), but many of the answers it provides lack thoroughness. According to my project schedule, it’s time to start writing new documentation. That means I can focus on making these answers better.

I should also write/update a tutorial pretty soon, though I’m not exactly sure where I’ll start. I could update the perlintro in the Pugs repository and add it to Perl6::Doc, or I could use the Perl 6 part of the book Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials which was donated to the Perl Foundation by O’Reilly. That one is a bit longer, so I might just use it for a more detailed introduction (something like Perl 5’s perlsyn).

P.S. Since I’ve got the Pod 5 ANSI-color renderer mostly working now, users of Perl 5’s perldoc who like colors might want to install Pod::Text::Ansi and put the following in their ~/.bashrc (or equivalent):

export PERLDOC="-MPod::Text::Ansi"
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