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Spicing up IRC with MegaHAL

I released POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::MegaHAL the other day, a POE::Component::IRC plugin for the esteemed and humorous conversation simulator known as MegaHAL. This makes it very easy to add a MegaHAL brain to an IRC bot. I wrote one and fed him IRC logs of a channel that I frequent, then let him loose online (he’s a “he” because the IRC logs primarily include ramblings from male users). Some examples of his brilliance follow.

<failo> Or maybe it's about sexual liberation and not perl & python.
<failo> Yes, printing passport photos at home is surely a sign of a flock of aids infected prisoners with big sloppy dicks.
<failo> I heard failo is a fact of evolution that cannot be shown because it looks like he knows what electricity is
<failo> Fucking get your cock out and jerk each other off in proportion to how much dexter's wedding dinner is going your way
<failo> Sir you had me at "balls."
<failo> Every porn dvd has a "grill setting"
<failo> So only 2% of americans also believe that the government is composed of thong-wearing oiled-up muscle boys.
<failo> Increased struggling from the bees made honey in the darkened cubicle, waiting for another musky man-pole to probe its way through the light to go mushroom hunting with me
<failo> I bet all drug users keep a human skull on their myspace page.
<failo> Earle: everybody's gay for a prison system in which millions of our descendants murder each other in prison.
<failo> Either you're gay or associated with all drugs.
<failo> The war on polarbears is going to cum buckets into my gaping /dev/null.

I’m afraid these results say more about the quality of conversation in this channel than they do about anything else…

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